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Posted by imotorworld on May 27, 2009

debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. As planned by BMW, the Z2 would hit the market around 
2012 and would be based on the smaller version BMW Z4 version. The Z2 will be built on a 
modified Z4 platform, and unlike its bigger brother will only be offered with a choice of four 
cylinders engines with a maximum capacity of two liters and will BMW smallest roadster.The Z2
will be a rear drive vehicle, still with a front-engine approach offered with different options:
•        all-electric engine
•        Hybrid with range extender petrol engine
•        four-cylinders, including a 120hp (90kW) entry-level model and a 211hp (157kW)
•        The base version will be a 1.8-liter with 150 hp
•         “M” version could be a turbocharged car with an output of around 300 hp


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